Snowmobiling is one of many winter activities in Namdalen. Snowmobiling is strictly regulated by the Norwegian act of motor traffic in nature. There are however recreational trails in many municipalities where you can enjoy this thrilling activity. Using snowmobiles outside of the public recreational trails is not allowed. Read on to learn about the recreational trails in Namdalen.


In Røyrvik municipality there are miles and miles of recreational trails for snowmobiles. You can start your adventure in Røyrvik town centre, or follow the continuous trail from Røyrvik to Namsskogan. Visit Børgefjell arrange guided snowmobile tours. Information (in Norwegian) about trails and trail licenses can be found on the Røyrvik municipality website.

Namsskogan Municipality

There are 110km of snowmobile trails in Namsskogan, with connected areas for parking. You can for example start snowmobiling at the Namsskogan Wildlife Park. There is a continuous trail from Røyrvik to Namsskogan. Find more information (in Norwegian) about the trails and buy your trail license on the Namsskogan municipality website.

Grong Municipality

In Grong municipality there are also long stretches of recreational trails for snowmobiling.  The area around Grong Ski Center / Bjørgan and the village of Harran are popular with snowmobilers. There is a trail from Grong to Snåsa while a trail from Grong to Namsskogan is in the planning stage. Find more information (in Norwegian) about the trails on the Grong municipality website.

Lierne municipality

There are a lot of recreational trails in Lierne. Recommended trails include an ice fishing trail from Devika to Limingdalen/Lyjmededaelie, trails in the area around Tunnsjøen lake and the ice fishing trail from Ingulfsvann to Storfjellet. In total there are eight ice fishing trails and 19 recreational trails. Information (in Norwegian) and trail maps can be found on the Lierne municipality website.