When Trøndelag has been turned into a winter wonderland with snow, ice and cold, ice fishing is a good activity for the whole family. Sitting on the ice on a sunny winter morning with a fishing rod in hand is both peaceful and exciting. Namdalen is a large region with excellent opportunities for  fishing in wintertime. There is a lot of trout and char in Inner Namdalen.


Namsskogan is a paradise for ice fishing in wintertime, with trout and char of good size and quality. The Namsskogan Fjellstyre (Namsskogan Mountain Board) has 17 wilderness cabins for rent, with several of them located next to lakes.

Namsskogankortet (Namsskogan fishing permit) covers 85% of the total municipal area. If you start your trip in Namsskogan and move into Børgefjell National Park you need Børgefjellkortet i.e. Børgefjell fishing permit. Visit  www.namsskogan-fjellstyre.no for more information.


Lierne is a national park municipality, with the entirety of Lierne National Park located within the municipal borders. There are several recreation snowmobile routes in Lierne, including two so called “ice fishing routes”, specifically to facilitate ice fishing.

Snowmobiling is only allowed along designated routes and tracks. There are also many good places to fish on the ice in the national park and the surrounding area. Buy the Nordli og Sørli fishing permit and read more on  fjellstyreneilierne.no or get tips from Lierne National Park Visitor Centre on nasjonalparken.no


In Røyrvik municipality you try you luck on the ice with the Namsvatn statsallmenning fishing permit or Børgefjellkortet i.e. Børgefjell fishing permit.


Grong is perhaps best known for salmon fishing in the river Namsen in summertime, but there are several places where families with children can go trout fishing in the winter.

Other areas for ice fishing

You can go ice fishing in Høylandet, Overhalla, Namdalseid, Namsos and on the Namdal coast wherever there are freshwater lakes. Information about fishing permits on inatur.no

Tips for a nice trip on the ice

  • Use simple and correct equipment. Use the correct fishing rod and bait depending on which species you are fishing. An 155mm ice drill suits fishing on most species. An ice fishing ladle is also useful.
  • Sitting on the ice waiting for the fish to bite gets cold quickly – bring extra clothes and dress the family in several layers of wool. Make sure everyone has warm shoes.
  • Bring a folding chair and plenty of warm underlays/seat pads to insulate against the cold of the ice.
  • Light a campfire and barbeque some sausages or hot dogs if the fish does not bite. That way, everyone will enjoy a warm lunch while waiting on the ice. Warm drinks are recommended!
  • Remember a fishing permit! It is important to buy a fishing permit before you start your trip. On inatur.no you can buy fishing permit for most areas in Namdalen.

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