The snow, the ski trails, the light, the constrasts, the fishing… There are many reasons to visit Namdalen this winter. Here we list a few of them.

1.Speed down the slopes at Grong Ski Resort

At Grong Ski Resort there are excellent condiitions for downhill skiing throughout the winter. If you prefer cross-country og backcountry skiing there are plenty of suggested routes and prepared trails in the area around the resort.

2. Explore local history at Namdalsmuseet

Snowcovered traditional Norwegian timber houses, idyllic surroundings and interesting exchibtions are all available to visit at Namdalsmuseet. Every year in the first weekend of advent the museum hosts a cozy Christmas market.

3. Try backcountry ski touring

Trøndelag and Central Norway may not be particularly well-known for backcountry or off-piste  mountain skiing, but in Namdalen we have several mountains suitable for such activity. The season for mountain skiing and summit tours in wintertime is long in Namdalen.

4. Go icefishing with the whole family

Sitting on the ice on a sunny winter morning with a fishing rod in hand is equally peaceful and exciting. This is an activity that will thrill both young and old, especially when combined with a campfire. Read more about ice fishing on

5. Visit Skreifestivalen in Rørvik

Skreifestivalen (The Arctic Cod Festival) in March is an annual food- and cultural festival, celebrating the fishing industry and Skrei fishing along the Namdalen coast. Visit the market, go on a day trip to the living fishing village of Vandsøya and eat a traditional cod lunch to live a little like the locals.

6. Eat a Li-bab and enjoy local cuisine

There are many local food producers in Namdalen and no holiday is complete without trying some of the local dishes. Eat a Li-Bab with stonebaked bread, reindeer meat, lingonberry and sour cream or enjoy a cinnamon bun from Jørem.

7. Ride a snowmobile in recreational tracks

There are ice-fishing tracks and recreational tracks for snowmobiles in the municipalities of Røyrvik, Namsskogan, Grong and Lierne. These tracks are signposted, and the season is regulated by the local municipal council. Riding snowmobiles outside of the tracks is not allowed.

8. Go cross-country skiing in the ski trails

The saying “Norwegian’s are born with skis on their feet” rings especially true when observing cross-country ski trials on any given day in winter. Both local businesses, the muncipal councils and volunteer organisatiosn work together to mainting good ski trails many places in Namdalen.

9. Choose between 500 types of beer at Skjenkestova

Skjenkestova is a charming pub in the old mining village of Skorovatn, with over 500 types of beer available. After a long day in the mountains an “afterski” visit to Skjenkeskova is a definite highlight. Food served on request.

10. Fly across frozen lakes with a snowkite

Snowkiting is a fresh activity for those who enjoy thrilling experiences in wintertime. Bernie from Tundra Tours teaches snowkiting courses all through the winter.

11. Get warm in one of Norway’s best yarn shops

If you have spent some time outside and feel a bit chilly then a visit to Strikkeburet in Grong is a natural next stop. Have a cup of coffee and enjoy the cosy atmosphere of the refurbished barn. There is a large selection of yarn and other arts and crafts items on sale in the shop.

12. Fall asleep to wolfsnores this winter

In Namsskogan Family Park there are five lavvus, located by the wolf and wolverine enclosures. Sleeping next to a campfire you may wake up to starry skies and the call of the wolf. Get a taste of camping in wintertime, with all facilities nearby.