Winter in Namdalen is a beautiful season with cold temperatures and gorgeous landscapes.  Here you can enjoy prepared cross-country ski trails, alpine skiing at Grong Skisenter and several mountains well suited for off-piste and backcountry ski touring. Bordering Northern-Norway we are far enough north that you may see Northern Lights dancing across the sky on nights with a lot of aurora activity. Read on to get to learn about mountains perfect for ski touring with randonee or mountain skis.


Øyensskavlen/ Båeriesvaerie and its 686.5 masl is the highest mountain in Namdalseid. It is located within Øyenskavlen nature reserve. Øyensskavlen has one of the 25 longest topographic isolation factors in Norway and one of the 40 longest topographic isolation factors in Scandinavia. Park your car at Myrmoen, approx. 4,5 km from Osenkrysset (junction at Namdalseid), walk towards the mast at the top. From the mast walk south towards the cairn at the highest point. The mountain has a gentle descent with great views. See a video of the trip down here.


Jektheia friluftsområde (i.e. outdoors recreational area) is not far from Øyensskavlen.  The hike up to Jektheia mountain is popular among randonee skiiers. The outdoors recreational area around the mountain is well-suited for cross-country and family ski touring as well.

To get to the starting point drive Fv17 south from Namsos and turn right onto the bridge at Sjøåsen. Turn right at the first junction after the bridge, signposted to Jektheia friluftsområde. Drive on the toll road (20,- NOK) for a while, then park at the large parking area. Please note that this road may not always be clear of snow, in which case a longer walk is required.

3. HEMNA 685 MASL.

Hemna (Hemnafjellet on maps) is 685 masl with approx. 640 meters of ascent. Approx. 6 km one-way, gradual incline. Great mountain for ski touring with excellent areas for off-piste downhill skiing during the season. Marked route/trail in summertime and in the winter season. See maps on


Heimdalhaugen/Aajmehtaelie in Grong is a great combined winter hiking/ski touring adventure. The trail starts in flat terrain before the ascent to Gjeterhytta (small simple cabin with simple standard) between Storhaugen and Litjhaugen begins. Due to the steep incline and rough conditions we recommend skiing up to Skaftet, but then taking off and leaving your skis there. Continue on foot to the top. Start the trip in Nesådalen friluftsområde, north of Grong centre. 13 km return, approx. 800 m of ascent. Not marked. You can read more about the trail here.


The ski touring trip to Dærga mountain (Dergaklumpen on maps) is a thrilling trip in Røyrvik municipality/Raarvihken tjielte. Suitabel for both randonee-skis and mountain skis. 8 km return with 600 meters of ascent. The trip starts north of Røyrvik centre, along Fv361. Signposted from the road. Tundra Tours offers guided tours to Dærga in wintertime. You can read more about the trail to Dærga here.


The trip to Skorovassklumpen on the border between the municipalities of Namsskogan and Røyrvik can be enjoyed from several starting points. The most common route starts from the parking area by Stor-Skorovatnet on the Namsskogan side of the mountain. The trip is 4,6 km one-way, with approx. 500 meters of ascent. Great view and a gentle descent which will suit most off-piste skiiers.  Not signposted. Read more about the trail to Skorovassklumpen here.


Walking, skiing or engaging in activites in wintertime always brings with it a certain risk of snowslides, snow avalanches and rapid weather changes. We recommend everyone check  conditions on and on the local weather forecast before setting off on any winter adventure in the mountains. We always recommend that you bring extra clothes, a first aid kit, an emergency bivy/bivvy and extra food. An avalanche transceiver/beacon, a snow probe and a snow shovel are also recommended in areas where there is a risk of avalanche. Always let someone know where you are going and when you excpect to be back. Ask locals for advice if venturing into unknown territory. VisitNorway has a video with packing tips for skitouring.

Leave no trace behind as you enjoy Norwegian nature: never throw waste in nature and do not disturb local wildlife.