Ice fishing – trout and char in Namdalen

Sitting on the ice on a sunny winter morning with a fishing rod in one hand and a coffee cup in the other is both peaceful and exciting.

Unique Accommmodation in Namdalen

Does it sound tempting to fall asleep to wolves snoring or staying overnight in a train carriage above a river? Read about unique accommodation in Namdalen here.  

Grong Skisenter

The alpine ski resort Grong Skisenter has 15 different slopes and four ski lifts, meaning both families and experienced alpine skiers can find their favourite runs.

Winter in Namdalen

The winter in Namdalen is varied, with many activities, opportunities for unforgettable adventures in snow-covered landscapes, and a winter light that will take your breath away. Here you can read about some of what Namdalen has to offer in wintertime.

Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park

Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park in Nord-Trøndelag is one of the largest national parks in Norway. It offers wonderful terrain for hiking and many vulnerable plant and animal species.

Lierne National Park

Lierne National Park has a diverse flora and fauna, virtually untouched nature and offers wonderful outdoor recreational experiences.

Børgefjell National Park

Børgefjell National Park comprises high summits, deep valleys, wild rapids and expansive moors. In addition to hunting and fishing, the distinguishing feature Børgefjell is its population of Arctic fox.

Experience Sør-Gjæslingan

Sør-Gjæslingan is a charming listed fishing village on the coast of Namdalen. It was the largest fishing village south of Lofoten in it's heyday.

Local food – a taste of culinary tradition

Namdalen has a lot of local flavours, produce and culinary treasures for you to discover. Read about local food in Namdalen here.

Fishing on the Namdal coast

Namdalskysten is the northernmost part of the Trøndelag coast, stretching from Flatanger in the south, via Namsos and Rørvik to Leka in the north. The coastline in Namdalen is known for excellent fishing.

Nature safari in Namdalen

Namdalen is a varied region with beautiful nature and many opportunities for close encounters with animals. Read about nature safaris and other activities here.

Coastal Museum Rørvik

Visitors to the Coastal Museum Rørvik on the coast of Trøndelag will discover exciting exhibitions at Norveg, local history in Rørvik, aquaculture and the historical fishing village of Sør-Gjæslingan.

Car, Bus, Train, Ferry - Travel around Namdalen

If you are travelling in Namdalen you can choose to go by car, bus, train, ferry, express boat and more. You have many transport options as you explore the scenic region.

Hiking in Namdalen in Autumn

In Namdalen there are many hiking trails of varying difficulty. Read about hiking here.

Experience the geology island of Leka

The island of Leka on the Namdal coast is Norway’s geological national monument and is a paradise for anyone who enjoys outdoor recreation and historical adventures.

Namsskogan Family Park

Namsskogan Family Park offers adventures for the whole family all summer long. Families can combine enjoyable experiences with animals and exciting activities.

Salmon fishing in the Namsen watercourse

The river Namsen has been called the “Queen of the salmon rivers”, but the Namsen watercourse also has several princesses to choose between.


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