Namdalen has been one of Norway’s best regions for salmon fishing ever since the British «salmon lords» started to visit the region in the 1800s. During the salmon season fishing enthusiasts from all over the world try their luck in Namdalen. Here you can fish from the riverbank or from a boat, with or without a guide.

Namsen  – the Queen of Rivers

– emerges from Store Namsvatnet lake in the municipality of Røyrvik, before meandering 229 kilometers through majestic and magnificent countryside to its estuary in Namsos. Among enthusiasts at home and abroad, the Namsen is one of the country’s most coveted salmon rivers.

Fishing from boats and from the banks of the river are long-standing traditions. Along the river you will find an increasing number of places offering you a “complete package” including high standard overnight accommodations, mouth-watering culinary experiences, access to exclusive salmon spots, organized activities, and nature and culture experiences. The Namsen watercourse has plenty of good fishing areas.


Bjøra is a classic salmon fishing river that meanders slowly past large farms and delightful cultural landscapes before merging with the Namsen. This river is the home of the biggest salmon in the Namsen watercourse, and is regarded by enthusiasts as one of Norway’s very rivers for salmon fishing.

You can fish from the riverbank or from a boat. Many of the anglers who travel to the Bjøra every year prefer single or two-handed fly rods, but it is also possible to fish with lures or worms. Bjøra river is also known for its excellent sea trout fishing. The salmon fishing season in Bjøra starts on May 15th, while the fishing season in Namsen starts on June 1st.


Sanddøla river converges with the Namsen river in the center of Grong. The salmon-populated part of the Sanddøla is particularly popular for fishing from the banks.

In the lower parts of the river you will also find two mighty waterfalls – the Formofossen and the Tømmeråsfossen, offering exciting and challenging fishing spots. The Sanddøla offers fishing in peace and quiet. Spend some time exploring the river and you will soon discover exciting rapids, pools and deep channels that are not so easy to notice at first glance.

Høylandet watercourse

The Høylandvassdraget watercourse includes the rivers Søråa, Eida, Flakken and Flåttelva. The Søråa is the longest of the rivers in Høylandsvassdraget watercourse, with a salmon populated stretch of about 20 kilometers. Large parts of the river run slowly through the local, well-groomed cultural landscape. For the most part the fishing takes place from the banks. The Søråa is a great river for fly fishing, especially for one-handed fly rods.


Opløelva river runs through the village of Salsbruket and has a considerable amount of salmon, offering thrilling experiences for most anglers.  The lower part of the river is adapted for sport fishing with man-made rapids and thresholds that encourage the salmon run up the river. Fishing offered through Utmarkscompagniet. You can also fish salmon in the Salsvassdraget watercourse.