Summer is the time for swimming and bathing on white-sand beaches, in rivers, by waterfalls and in fresh-water lakes and ponds in Namdalen in Trøndelag.

Årdalssanden (Leka, salt water)

Årdalssanden is a public swimming area on the geology island of Leka. The beach has lovely surroundings and a nice picnic area. The beach is located in the south of the island.

Sørgutvikvatnet (Leka, fresh water)

Sørgutvikvatnet is a small lake on the island of Austra in Leka municipality. The lake has a public bathing area and is easily accessible from road Fv 771.

Tømmeråshøla / Tømmeråsfossen waterfall (Grong, fresh water)

Tømmeråshøla by Tommeråsfossen waterfall is one of the most unique places for outdoor bathing and swimming in Trøndelag and maybe in all of Norway as well. The bathing area is connected to the Sanddøla river in Grong. It is an awesome, exciting and naturally made area where you can enjoy warm summer days. The area is also accessible by wheelchair.

Vikvatnet (Flatanger, fresh water)

By the recreational area by Vikvatnet in Flatanger there is both a campfire site, a BBQ hut, football area, a shelter, floating docks and a road accessible for wheelchair users. The small lake is easily accessible from the Fv766 road, just before Vik Church.

Aunevatnet, Reipholmen and Ryumsjøen (Nærøysund)

In Vikna municipality you can visit the swimming and bathing areas at Aunevatnet, Reipholmen and Ryumsjøen. Reipholmen and Ruymsjøen are white-sand beaches. There are toilets, a picnic area and wheelchair access by Ryumsjøen.

Kjeksvika (Nærøysund, salt water)

Kjeksvika is a white-sand beach with seashell sand, located not far from Abelvær fishing village. There is as shelter and a barbeque area. On the neighbouring beach of Hesthagan there are toilets. Nice beach for forays onto land for those who explore the islands by kayak.

Rakkavika (Namsos, salt water)

Rakkavika fishing area and walking path is an outdoor recreational area with 1200m of gravel paths, accessible for wheelchairs, cyclists and prams. There are several picnic areas with barbeque opportunities, tables and benches. You can go swimming from the beaches and fish from the small pier. In Fosnes municipality you can also go swimming and bathing in Lisshestvika by Salsnes.

Høknesøra (Namsos, fresh water)

Høknesøra is a recreational area by Pluscamp Namsos/Namsos Camping. The water has a slightly warmer temperature than the Namsen river and the ocean because of its sheltered location. Paths accessible for wheelchair users. Beach, with a kiosk on the camping site. While some are swimming you can try draisine cycling from the camping site.

Gullholmstranda (Namsos, salt water)

Gullhomstranda is a public area north of Namsos city. Ideal for children, free toilet also on site. Drive north-west on the Fv769 road, then turn left in Gullvika by the beach sign.

Angelskjæret (Namsos, a mix of fresh and saltwater)

Angelskjæret is a lovely little child-friendly sandy beach where the river Namsen meets the Namsenfjord. Here you can both swim and fish. It only takes 10 minutes to walk here from the center of Namsos, and the beach has a free parking lot right next to it. A sauna located on the beachfront is available for rent.


Kalvøya (Namsos, salt water)

Kalvøya is a recreational area just south of Bangsund. There are several beaches, free toilets and it is also  possible to fish from land.

Zarinatangen (Røyrvik, fresh water)

Zarinatangen beach on the shore of Lake Limingen/Lyjmede is the best beach in Inner Namdalen. With crystal clear waters and a designated barbeque area this is a family favourite. The beach area also has a fascinating history. Read more about Zarinatangen here.