Jørem by Namsen is a pleasant Norwegian farm run by Jenny and Sven Åge Domås. They primarily offer salmon fishing and farm house accommodation, but now the farm is getting famous locally for growing and baking with ancient grains.

Spelt cinnamon buns, made with ancient grains. Photo: Cathrine Myhre

Jenny opens the doors in the farm shop every other Friday. Here you can buy fresh cinnamon buns and other treats, made with spelt and emmer wheat. Heavenly sour dough bread, biscuits and other baked  goods. You can also buy flour from the farm, and beer from their very own craft brewery.

We had a chat with Jenny about ancient grains and the farm. Scroll down to read more.

Photo: Jenny at Jørem, Grong.

From cattle to ancient grains

While we still had cattle we restored the old bakehouse on the farm. After some baking classes I decided we should bake with ancient grain types at home. Ancient grains are not subject to modern processing, so the flour is more nutritious with more flavour than modern flour.  We sowed on a few small patches first, but made the full switch to organic grain and grass production when we had to give up cattle farming due to allergies. -Jenny

Baking with ancient grains

At Jørem they grow their own spelt, emmer wheat, svedjerug rye and Domen, a Norwegian barley. In the brewery at the farm they make their own craft beer, Namdalsøl. They use their own flour when they serve stone baked pizza in the bakehouse.

Ancient grains are best suited to organic farming, and organic farming is important to Jenny and Sven Åge. But how do you bake with these old grain types?

Ancient grains in Norway. Photo: Jørem

The trick is to take your time. Mix flour and water before you add any salt, that gives the flour time to soak up plenty of liquid. Use less yeast than you would in a normal dough, or make a sour dough. Let the dough raise for a long time in a cool place. Try baking with spelt first, to learn how  flour from these types of grain behaves.

Visit Jørem

Jørem hosts meetings and other events, all year around. In Gammelstu Jenny serves lunch and dinner based on local produce and ingredients. Stone baked pizza is served in the rustic bakehouse on request.

If you stay at Jørem for a night or two in the summer you can lounge in in a wood fired sauna, view the river from a nearby shelter or borrow a bicycle and go for a ride. Jenny recommend the trip along the Namsen river.

Jørem by Namsen river. Photo: Jørem ved Namsne

We are located in the lush countryside, but there are many opportunities in one place here. Our farm is right by the Namsen river so here you can fish and relax. You can walk from the front door and hike Geitfjellet to 872 masl. – Jenny

And what’s your favourite local food? 

– Oh, at the moment it’s probably cardamom twists made with emmer and spelt. A Sunday breakfast with a fresh sour dough loaf, soft-boiled egg from Leksås Gårdsmat and salami made with pork from our farm. With milk on the side.

Read more about Jørem on their website..

In 2022 Jørem by Namsen is certified as a Producer & Host through  Trondheim – Trøndelag European Region of Gastranomy.