The river Namsen has been called the “Queen of the salmon rivers”, but the Namsen watercourse also has several princesses to choose between. Welcome to some of Norway’s best salmon fishing.

Harling fishing in the river Namsen

The Sanddøla, Nordelva, Bjøra and Høyland watercourse (which includes Eidsvatnet, Eida, Grongstadvatnet and Søråa) are also wonderful rivers for salmon fishing. In traditional English style, harling is a common fishing method in the Namsen. Combining flair and their knowledge of salmon, skilled rowers guide you down the river while you take care of two or three rods.

Høylandet watercourse

The Høyland watercourse comprises the following rivers: Søråda, Eida, Flakken and Flåttelva.
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With an average weight of 5-6 kg, the river Bjøra is known as the river in the Namsen watercourse with the biggest salmon. Read more about salmon fishing in the river Bjøra.


The river Sanddøla is ideal for fly fishing from the bank, but fishing from a boat is possible in the lower reaches of the river. The average size of salmon caught in the river is 4-6 kg, which is slightly higher than the average for the river Namsen. Read more about salmon fishing in the river Sanddøla.


The river Namsen is renowned for its big salmon, and each year salmon are caught here that weigh more than 20 kg. Boat fishing – harling – is common, and the boats as well as the fishing methods have traditions that go way back.  Namsen – the “Queen of the salmon rivers”.