Namdalskysten is the northernmost part of the Trøndelag coast, stretching from Flatanger in the south, via Namsos and Rørvik to Leka in the north. The coastline in Namdalen is known for excellent fishing.

The more than 6,000 islands, rocks and skerries off the coast of Rørvik provide ideal conditions for recreational fishing. The listed fishing village Sør-Gjæslingan, to the south of Rørvik, was once the largest fishing community in Norway south of Lofoten. Jøa and Leka are the two largest islands along the Namdal coast, and both are easy to reach by ferry.

In 2009 Leka was named Norway’s geological national monument because of its unique geology. Namsos is the commercial centre of the Namdalen region. It is home to the Norwegian sawmill museum and Rock City – an adventure centre for the form of rock music that originated in Trøndelag. The famous salmon river Namsen flows into the Namsenfjord in Namsos.

Arctic Cod “Skrei” Festival

Anglers will find rich pickings along the coast of Namdalen, whether they prefer fishing from land or from a boat. You can catch arctic cod from February till April, when it migrates from the Barents Sea to Vikna. Arctic cod served with liver and roe is a local delicatessen, and Rørvik even has its  own arctic cod Skreifestival in March every year.

In contrast to many other parts of the Trøndelag coastline, the Namdal coast has a vast archipelago, with thousands of islands. The islands provide shelter from harsh weather and strong winds when you are fishing from a boat, but if you prefer the open sea then the island of Leka is a good option. The area has a lot of halibut.

Sometimes it is tempting to try angling in the open sea. In both Rørvik and Flatanger you can join larger boats which are licensed to carry tourists and whose skippers can guide you to the best fishing grounds.

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