A trip to Namdalen in the winter is a trip to beautiful winter light, dramatic coastal landscapes and vast areas with wilderness. At the coast of Namdalen deep-sea fishing and coastal culture is the focus. Skreifestivalen celebrates the Arctic Cod every year.

There are plenty of areas for cross-country skiing and off-piste alpine skiing in Namdalen. In the three national parks you can experience winter in the wilderness, with skis on your feet.

Winter in Namdalen is excitement, snow and family fun. It is also community, culture and events. Welcome to Namdalen!

Downhill excitement at Grong Skisenter – Ski Resort

Grong Skisenter has 15 downhill skiing routes, and four lifts. The resort has routes for all experience levels. The area around the ski centre also has several cross-country trails. It is possible to rent equipment for alpine skiing and snowboards at the resort.

Ski expedition – Arctic Training

Do you dream of multi-day trips in wintertime with skis and pulk? Tundra Tours offers arctic training for those who wish to learn more about camping, safety and navigation in snowy landscapes and winter wilderness. If you are lucky the northern lights might dance across the evening sky. Tundra Tours also offers snow caving. Book your winter adventure here.

Eagle-safari in wintertime with Norway Nature

A winter eagle-safari with Norway Nature is perfect for any avid photographer, or wildlife enthusiast. Join Ole Martin Dahle on a close encounter with the white-tailed eagle, golden eagle and other species. A tour in wintertime also means that you will be surrounded by wonderful winter light and colours. Read more here.

Open animal park in Namsskogan

Namsskogan Familiepark is open for the Norwegian winter holiday and Easter holiday. In the park you can experience Nordic animals and many wintery activities for the whole family. Information about opening hours and facilities can be found on familieparken.no

Cross-Country Ski Trails in Namdalen.

There are many miles of ski trails in Namdalen. In the region you will find ski trails located close to towns, ski trails in the mountains and lit ski trails. Read more about prepared skiing trails in Namdalen here.

Skreifestival and Deep-Sea Fishing on the Namdal Coast. 

Atlantic cod and pollock fishing have always been important for life on the Namdal coast. In Rørvik they celebrate Skreifestivalen every year in March. «Skrei» is Atlantic Cod that comes to the coast to spawn. During the festival you can go deep-sea fishing, eat amazing local seafood, go to concerts and more. If you want to try your hand at deep-sea fishing (or rent a boat) you can contact:  Folla Event, Aglen Camping, Einvika Havfiske, Hasvåg Fritid, Selnes Camping, Løvøen Gård or Kvaløysæter Camping.

Three-day Snowkiting Course

If you dream of adventuring in wintertime and want to try something new, a three-day course in snow kiting might be right up your street. Tundra Tours offer courses in snow kiting for beginners, with kite and gear included. Read more on their website.

«Hygge» inside on windy days.

If the wind is howling and the snow is falling heavily outside, Norwegians usually want to stay inside and enjoy “hygge” and “kos”. “Hygge” and “kos” mean the same thing, and describes the Scandinavian concept of warmth, good times, candles, laughing, good food, relaxation, and happiness.

In Namdalen we recommend visiting Strikkeburet for hygge, colourful yarn and inspiration for your creative projects. Kystmuseet Norveg and The Nord-Trøndelag Art Museum have exhibitions all year around. At Café Lensmannsgården you can grab a cup of hot chocolate to warm up with, while the snow falls outside. If Christmas is coming up you can start your Christmas shopping at Amfi Namsos, Namsos Storsenter or Overhalla varesenter. Or if you’d rather relax, have a cosy break with some Scandinavian baked goods at Hamstad Bakeri.

Christmas and Advent

If you are visiting Namdalen before Christmas you can experience one of the many Christmas Markets, concerts, and events that take place during the advent period. Read about advent and Christmas in Namdalen here (2018 link is coming soon).