In the Namdal Region you will find cultural landscapes and Norwegian highlands. The mountains of Indre Namdal are mighty and beautiful.

There are few places where the distance between the Norwegian coast and the Swedish forest is as short as in Namdalen.

The salmon river Namsen is a paradise for anglers, while Grong is renowned for its leisure activities, both in summer and winter. In short, a miniature Norway.

Fantastic nature

Nærøy-Lund-naust-01-12In Inner Namdalen there are three national parks at your fingertips: Børgefjell national park, Lierne national park and Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella national park. Tales of the area’s excellent hiking and fishing have attracted countless outdoors lovers to this breathtaking landscape.


First-class fishing adventures

There are plenty of opportunities for fishing from rocks and small boats. All along the coastyou can hire boats and fishing equipment and stay in charming fisherman’s cottages. You can also join local fishermen on a fishing trip on the open sea.

Laksakvariet-01-10Namdalen is widely known for its salmon rivers, with Namsen boasting the biggest salmon population. Several small rivers also offer thrilling battles between anglers and lively salmon. For a fascinating and close-up view of salmon and trout, visit the aquarium Namsen Laksakvarium.



Namdal region is ideal for hiking and biking, with an extensive network of routes with varying degrees of difficulty. Hiking and biking trips can easily be combined with trout fishing and tent camping.

The Namdal region also has good opportunities for hunting both small and big game. The region offers much more than just hunting and fishing, and some of the attractions that should not be missed include the revue festival at Høylandet, Grong’s fantastic alpine slopes, photo or elk safari in Lierne and the amazing family park in Namsskogan.

klatretårn.kredKristin_SmestadAt Namsskogan Family Park you can observe a variety of predators like bears, lynxes and wolves. You can also fly across the lake there from the Tøffingtårnet (tough guy tower), drive bumper boats, dig for gold or enter into the sinister world of the rocking witch, Rebella Hex.


On the island of Leka you can go on a geology trail. Hunting is good along the Namdal coast, as are the opportunities for other fascinating activities such as rafting, bungy jumping from bridges, eagle and seal safaris. The countless big and small islands provide a shield against the open ocean and make the archipelago ideal for paddling between the islands in an ocean kayak. The Namdal coastline is also well suited for diving for shipwrecks.

Culture at its best

Vikna-Grinna-Gjæslingan-fyr-04-12Namdalen’s coastal heritage is presented in a variety of ways all along the coastline. In Rørvik is Norveg, a centre for coastal culture and industry. Sør-Gjæslingan was once one of the biggest fishing villages south of Lofoten. Nowadays it offers tourists some of the more unique accommodation along the coast.


The region capital Namsos, which in less than 100 years burned to the ground twice, was also completely eradicated by German bombers in 1940, now emerges in the form of post-war reconstruction architecture, and is known to most Norwegians for its music traditions.

The Trønder rock genre was born here, and over the past 40 years several of the country’s most prominent musicians have come from the town. Rock City, a resource centre for professional music and an adventure centre for Trønder rock, opened in 2011.


The Namdal Museum and the Norwegian Sawmill Museum, Spillum Dampsag & Høvleri, are also situated in Namsos, and are open to the public.