You might not consider Trøndelag and Central Norway as regions with many waterfalls and dramatic mountain formations, but in Namdalen there are awesome views of wild and varied nature everywhere you look. There are countless rivers, lakes, ponds and waterfalls in Namdalen. Here we have picked six waterfalls that are particularly majestic, photogenic or easily accessible.

Skrøyvstadfossen, Nærøy

Skrøyvstadfossen waterfall is a photogenic waterfall located along the lovely Skrøyvdalsvegen road between Høylandet and Salsbruket. The waterfall has a drop of approx.. 60 meters and is easily accessible by the road, about 35 km west of Høylandet.

Grongstadfossen, Høylandet

Grongstadfossen waterfall is surrounded by dramatic surroundings in Høylandet municipality. The waterfall has a drop of 75 meters and has been important for both salmon fishing and the timber industry throughout history. Viewpoint towards the waterfall is signposted from Fv17 just south of Høylandet centre. Especially majestic in spring or in periods with heavy rain. From the viewpoint there is a walking path down to the bottom of the waterfall.

Storfossen, Røyrvik

Storfossen/Stoerre-garse in Jengelsvassdraget in Børgefjell/Byrkije National Park is a dramatic waterfall over several levels with appox. 90 meters of fall altogether. The waterfall runs into Namsvatnet lake, one of the most popular entry points for the national park. The waterfall is only accessible by foot or by boat, canoe or kayak across Namsvatnet. Read more about Børgefjell and Røyrvik on

Sisselfossen, Lierne

Sisselfossen is a popular destination for walking in the National Park municipality of Lierne. The waterfall is one of the largest is Trøndelag with a vertical drop just over 100 meters. Marked trail to the viewpoint of the waterfall.

Helvetesfossen, Namsskogan

This beautiful waterfall is also within the borders of Børgefjell/Byrkije National Park in Namsskogan municipality. You can walk to the waterfall from the gateway to Børgefjell in Smalåsen/Smeelehaesie north in the municipality, about 8 km. from the starting point. Initially you follow the trail towards Namskroken/Nåamesjenmåelhkie, then follow the river south past Jofossen waterfall and then to Helvetesfossen/Lijkiehagke.

Tømmeråsfossen, Grong

Tømmeråsfossen waterfall (i.e. “Timber-hill-waterfall”) in Grong is known for being the most spectacular all-natural bathing area in Central Norway, maybe even in all of Norway. The waterfall is lcoated about 2,5 km from Grong town centre with a drop of approx 23 meters. At the bottom of the waterfall  the water har shaped natural slides, pools and rock faces. There are walking trails in the area.