Lierne/Lijre National Park is known for its good hunting and fishing. Most of the mountain lakes have strong populations of trout, in some there is also char.  The national park is also a great place for mushroom and berry picking.

The national park is mainly gentle lowland landscapes with the exception of Hestkjølen, a mountain massif with its highest peak over 1300 meters above sea level.

The area is ideal for hiking, although there are few marked trails or open cabins. If you wish to hike in the area you can start by the gateway to the national park by Øvre Jakthytta in Muru. The national park is signposted from E6 and along Fv74. We recommend walking to the National Park Monument Stone for Lierne. The local mountain board, Lierne fjellstyre, have cabins for in and near the national park. There are also boats in some of the lakes.

Diverse wildife in the national park

Because the landscape of the park is so varied and has some wetlands this is a good area for birds, especially waders, ducks and red-throated loons. Here you can observe Eurasian Dotterel, red-necked phalarope and long-tailed jaeger, to mention a few. The national park is also home to wandering predators such as wolverine, lynx, some Arctic Foxes and bears. Lierne is known as the municipality in Norway with the highest population of brown bears.

Traces from the Ice Age

Lierne is also an interesting area from a geological perspective. Much of the land was formed during the last Ice Age, featuring several rare landscape forms such as ribbed moraines, drumlins, eskers and meltwater channels.

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