In Namdalen there are many hiking trails for families and experienced trekkers alike. Autumn is a beautiful time of year to do a nature walk with stunning sunsets and plenty of mushrooms and berries in the forest. For those licenced to hunt in Norway there are also great opportunities for big game and small game hunting in Namdalen.

The best view of Namsos

If you are visiting Namsos and want to get the best view of the city, we recommend the nearby viewpoint Klompen. The viewpoint is 114 masl with multiple marked routes from the city centre. It is also possible to drive up. The nearby outdoors area also offers great hiking possibilities such as Svartfjellet and Spillumsfjellet.  There are many marked and lit ski trails in winter.

Experience real wilderness in the National Parks

There are three national parks in Namdalen. The three parks offer real wilderness with vast untouched areas, varied wildlife and good opportunities for fishing in the fishing season. Visit Lierne National Park Centre for information about possible daytrips and longer treks in Lierne national park. Børgefjell national park is suited for experienced hikers and trekkers because of its alpine environment and varied weather conditions. In Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella national park there are no marked trails, but many Sami heritage sites that you may see if you venture into the wilderness. All three national parks are known for their breath-taking nature.

15 walks and hikes in Grong

In Grong you will find many marked hiking trails, and a brochure has been created for 15 of these trails. The brochure is free and can be picked up at Grong Fritid. In Grong you can choose between short walks in the nearby area, longer day trips and hikes for the whole family.  Geitfjellet has an amazing view from the top and near it you can find Grong Skisenter. Read more here.

Hiking on the Geology Island of Leka

On the unique Geology island of Leka there are over 50 marked trails of varying difficulty. Experience Norway’s geological national monument, cultural sights and the unique yellow/red colour of the rocks by foot. Read more about walking and hiking at Leka here.

Trekking and fishing tour with a guide

Would you like to go on a multi-day trek among the Namdalen mountains, and try your hand at trout fishing? Tundra Tours arrange 4-day tours in the mountains between Namsskogan and Røyrvik. Guide and fishing license included. Read more here.

Outdoors life in Namsskogan

Namsskogan fjellstyre has several cabins for rent and vast outdoors areas under their management. Visit Namsskogan for hiking in wilderness areas outside of marked paths and also for big game and small game hunting. Contact Namsskogan fjellstyre here for more information.

Fishing and hunting in Namdalen

Because of its many rivers and coastline Namdalen is a fishing paradise. However, in the autumn wild mushrooms, berries and hunting is the focus of the locals in the region. Read more about fishing and hunting on and visit the “Eat and Drink” page for information about eateries with local food.

Things to remember when hiking in Norway:

Namdalen stretches along the Namsen river from the coast in the west, to the Swedish border in the east. This means that the region has very varied weather conditions and we recommend that everyone checks the weather forecast before venturing into nature. Becuse of this it is important with waterproof shoes, warm clothes (for example wool as a base layer) and wind and waterproof outer layers. Bring extra warm clothes for your hike, and always bring food and plenty of water. If you are thinking about going for a longer trek in the National Parks we recommend contacting the Lierne National Park center for tips and advice. See more advice on clothing and gear for hiking on