Skjenkestova - the Skorovas Pub
©Erlend Angelo / Trøndelag Reiseliv

Skjenkestova - the Skorovas Pub

Skjenkestova is one of Norway's most distinctive pubs. Skjenkestova stocks over 500 brands of bottled beer from all over the world! Skjenkestova also has a very good selection of aquavit and malt whiskey.

The pub is located in scenic surroundings, in the old mining village of Skorovas 450 meters above sea level.  The mine was shut down in 1984 after decades in operation. Today only a few dozen people live in the little village.Your host in Skjenestova is Inge Staldvik. Inge grew up in Skorovas and worked in the mine when it was still running. He is happy to tell visitors all about local history and life in the mountains.   

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    • Nice
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    • Christmas
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