Visitors to the Coastal Museum Rørvik on the coast of Trøndelag will discover exciting exhibitions at Norveg, local history in Rørvik, aquaculture and the historical fishing village of Sør-Gjæslingan.

Visitors to the Coastal Museum Rørvik on the coast of Trøndelag will discover a range of exciting offers, both at the Norveg Centre of Coastal Culture and Industry and at the other historical buildings in the centre of Rørvik, including the old trading place Berggården.

Local history


BerggårdenPhoto: Norveg

For those wanting to learn more about Berggården and the history of Rørvik, it is worth joining a storytelling tour. Suddenly you find yourself transported 100 years back in time and you will get an insight into life in and around the trading place Berggården and the emergence of Rørvik as a hub in the centre of the sea route. The museum also offers traditional guiding every day during the summer season.

NorvegNorveg – centre of Coastal Culture

Norveg’s permanent exhibition, “Landet med det store havet utenfor” (The land with the open sea beyond), traces the major milestones in our 10,000-year history, from when the first humans followed the ice northwards through to today’s challenges as one of the world’s leading fishing nations. Norveg’s exhibition includes a land-based viewing centre for aquaculture covering the life of a farmed salmon from the time the egg hatches, via life in the sea cage until the time it appears on the chef’s table. If you visit in July, you can combine your visit to the viewing centre with a boat trip out to the SalmoNor fish farm.


Visit a traditional fishing village

Traditional fishing village in Norway, Sør-Gjæslingan.

Photo: Anne Grete Walaunet

Guests can be better acquainted with the old fishing traditions on a day trip to the listed fishing village of Sør-Gjæslingan. It’s also possible to stay overnight in a historic rorbu (fisherman’s cottage). A new feature this year is the day trips each Thursday in July from the floating jetty at Norveg. This trip also includes a visit to the fish farm at Abelvær.

At Café Norveg guests can savour delicious dishes based on local ingredients. The restaurant serves both lunch and dinner.

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