The Nesådalen Valley
©Kristian Fiskum Nesser

The Nesådalen Valley

A walk through the valley of Nesådalen will let you experience some of the grandeur of nature, with the mountain of Heimdalhaugen, Rognbuklumpen and Geitingrumpa as the most prominent features. This is the gateway to the mountain plateaus of Brennmoen state Common Land and lakes such as Fiskløysa, Brusvatnet, Møkkelvatnet, Finnbursvatnet and Stortjønna. The road through connects road #74 an E6 (toll-road).

Map: N1824-2 Skorovatn

  • Nature and terrain
    • Angling
    • Birch
    • Bog
    • Elk
    • Forest
    • Heather
    • Hiking area
    • Hunting
    • Mountain
    • Mountainous terrain
    • Pine
    • River
    • Several small areas
    • Spruce
    • Water

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