The Gateway to Northern Norway
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The Gateway to Northern Norway

The Gateway to Northern Norway is a well-known and beloved landmark that marks the county border between Trøndelag and Helgeland. Here, you'll find a large rest area, food service and a well-stocked store with souvenirs, clothing and outdoor equipment. In other words, a perfect stopping point to get ready for the adventures awaiting in the land of the northern lights!

Store with Souvenirs, Clothing, and Outdoor Equipment

Porten til Nord-Norge has a large store with a very good selection of fine souvenirs. You can find everything from teddy bears, postcards and books to reindeer skins, Sami art and crafts and jewellery.

It is also a great stop to receive help regarding clothing and outdoor equipment for the adventures ahead. The Gateway to Northern Norway has everything you need in terms of warm clothing like jackets, beanies, buffs, and gloves and equipment such as maps, headlamps, backpacks, sitting pads, lunch boxes, thermoses, great outdoor knives and much more.

Restaurant and rest place

Porten til Nord-Norge has a small restaurant with grilled food, beverages and delicious ice cream as desserts. Outside a spacious rest area is available where you can enjoy your meal and recharge your batteries before continuing your journey.

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