Small game hunting - Arctic Dome Namdalen
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Small game hunting - Arctic Dome Namdalen

Arctic Dome offers rental of small game hunting with accommodation in the farm dome and access to the old farm buildings. The living conditions are perfect for couples who want to hunt small game and create new memories together. Here you can hunt during the day and at the same time enjoy the evening together either inside the dome or outside around the fire pit. Here is both terrain for hunting forest birds and mountain ptarmigan.

We can also arrange for couples of friends, where we make use of the "barn suite" with two single beds or the two beds inside the farmhouse itself. The maximum number of hunters is four, the maximum number of dogs is two.

We sell 3- and 4-day hunting packages with hunting including accommodation and rental of ATVs with trailers.

Everything is prepared until you arrive at the place. Here you have access to all the buildings in the yard. The seat dome is furnished with a large and good double bed, two comfortable chairs, table and other small furniture that is useful. The seat dome is heated with a wood-burning stove, complimented by a gas stove that stands inside the dome. A gas-powered incineration toilet can be found inside the cabin, the oldest of the three farm buildings. If the need for a shower is great, it can be taken out in the open air or inside the farm barn. Then water is mixed to the right temperature in a container, and a simple pump shower is used as a shower. Simple, but it works just fine. The experience of showering out in the open without the view of other people is fantastic. In the farm barn we have furnished a small kitchenette with two gas hobs, a refrigerator and dining table.

We sell packed lunches with local ingredients if you want to make dinner planning easier. We have two different food parcels; a cured pack and a moose pot with side dishes.

Practical information

From the car park, a 1.5 km long tractor road is followed up to the farm dome, but a climb of 200 metres altitude. Rental of ATVs with trailer is included in the price. Choose between bringing food yourself, or ordering packed lunches from us. There is no electricity and water on site. Canisters of drinking water are included in the price. Water for other tasks is collected in a water barrel out in the farmyard. There is a fire pan available for use, as well as a coffee pot, kettle, a large saucepan and a set of turcaseroller and frying pan. Other kitchen utensils must be brought yourself unless otherwise agreed. Toilet paper and paper towels are included in the price, as is the use of gas and firewood. 

You can find more information about the space on our website  

Enjoy the silence and tranquility of an arctic dome located close to a historic seating area located in the municipality of Høylandet, north of Trøndelag. Høylandet municipality is along county road 17, and is a perfect place to make a stop if you are driving the E6 or the coastal highway (F17) north or south. Here you rent the entire space, and choose whether to stay as seating rooftops did in the 1950s, or perhaps more comfortably in the nearby seating area.


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