Guided walking tour to 10 000 year old giant potholes in Galtneset
©Setran Gård

Guided walking tour to 10 000 year old giant potholes in Galtneset

We take you to Norway`s largest collection of giant potholes, formed during the last ice age over 10 000 years ago! And while the coffee pot boils up on the campfire, we learn about the history of the old trading town of Galtneset and the Opløfjord, one of the country`s richest herring fjords until the mid-1950s.

Tour description

The trip starts at Setran Adventure Farm, and you and your guide follow the old road towards Galtneset. At Storhaugen we get a panoramic view of the Opløfjord and the ocean, before descending to giant caves. Here we can «hunt for» giant geological potholes of all sizes and shapes. They are somewhat round in shape, but the depth and size vary widely. Your guide will teach you about the giant potholes and how they came to be.  Then we continue down to the fjord and Galtnesvika, which is a fantastic pebble beach. This beach type also has its natural explanation. We move through an open cultural landscape to the east side of Galtneset, where the remains of the old trading site are located. This is where we will light a campfire and have a break with some coffee and our packed lunches. While we enjoy the cozy campfire your guide tells the story of the old trading site Galtneset and Opløfjorden. When we are ready we walk back to Setran Adventure Farm.

Useful information

Information about the trip and Setran Adventure Farm before we start. The tour includes 3-5 hours of guide. The guide is on the entire tour. Campfire coffee is served in Galtneset. Participants bring their own lunch box and drinks.

The trail partially crosses marsh (wetland). The tour can be booked in the period 1 April to 15 December. An agreement is made with Setran Adventure Farm. A contract is signed with terms.  Maximum 12 people Group price for up to 6 people NOK 3 000,- From 7 to 12 people it costs NOK 4 000,- Children 0-5 years go free and are not counted.

The tour is paid at least 14 days before. If canceled earlier than one week before arrival, the amount paid will be refunded less NOK 2 000,- In the event of a later cancellation, the person who made the booking is responsible for 50% of the contract amount. The time for completing the tour can be changed up to 1 week before. In consultation with the participants, the timing may need to be changed due to weather conditions.

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