Guided sea fishing trip in Opløfjorden
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Guided sea fishing trip in Opløfjorden

We take you fishing in Opløfjorden, followed by some time on land where we will light a campfire, have coffee and prepare the catch of the day.  While the coffeepot boils up, we tell you about the history og the Opløfjord, which was one of the country`s best herring fjords until the 1950s.

Tour description

The tour starts at Setran adventure farm. The boat is in the marina just below the courtyard. We start fishing just off the dock. Seterbukta and Bursvika have always been good fishing spots. In the Opløfjord there are many islets and islands, and the fjord is well protected from the weather from the west. It is not unlike the fjords in south of Norway. We always find sheltered coves and good fishing spots. On both the south and north sides of the fjord there are several old farms, which are holiday homes today. Gradually we talk about the history of these places. Along the way we will also discover scour streaks and several giant potholes located along the shore. We will also explain the origin of these natural phenomena. When we are ready for a snack and the taste of fresh fish and maybe mussels, we make our way on land  at a suitable spot in the fjord. We gut and fillet the fish, make a campfire and boil some coffee while the flames are most intensive. While we enjoy the peace and quiet the bonfire slowly turns to embers. We can then fry  the fish on the hot coal. The fish is eaten together with traditional flatbread with butter, salt and pepper. If we catch a lot of fish on the trip, it is possible to bring fish home. We return to the adventure farm after we have cleared the campsite.


Useful information

Information about the trip and the Setran adventure farm before we start. The tour includes 3 – 5  hours of guide. The guide is on the whole boat trip. We fisch and do beach cutting. Coffee from black kettle is served and self-caught fish are grilled on coals. Important with warm and water/windproof clothing.

The tour can be booked in the perio.d May 1st to September 15th. An agreement is made with Setran adventure farm. A contract is signed with terms.

Maximum 4 people.  The trip costs NOK 800,- per pers. and minimum NOK 2000,- (1 pers=2000,-, 2 pers=2000,-,  3 pers=2400,- og 4 pers=3200,-). Family price: 2 adults og 2 children (up to 16 years) NOK 2500,-

The tour is paid at least 14 days before. If canceled earlier than one week before arrival, the amount paid will be refunded less NOK 1 000,- In the event of later cancellation the ordering booklet accounts for 100% of the contract amount. The time for completing the tour can be changed up to one week before. In consultation with the participants, the timing may need to be changed due to weather conditions.


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