Fishing in the area of Salen

Fishing in the area of Salen

Fresh water fishing

The Salen area includes several fishing ponds both in the higher forest areas and in the mountains. Here you will find pure trout waters and waters with both trout and char. 
Back in time, a lot of these waters were imporant  for the people who lived there, and for those who kept reindeer. This over-fishing contributed to create a good, solid stock of fish. But after many years of reduced fishing, one has recently tried systematically administration, so that the fishing will once again invite you to exiting challenges and fantastic experiences. In the lower ponds, with mixed stocks of fish and good spawning conditions, the size of the fish will mostly be from 200- 400 grams. Higher up in the mountain areas, where the spawning conditions are lower, and especially in waters carriyng trout only, the number of fish will be smaller. But in return this is where you will most likely catch a big mountain trout. It is not uncommon to catch fish weighing more than 1 kg.

During the summer season, it is generally allowed to use both a rod and "oter". It is common to kombine the rod with fly, spinning bait and maggot. In some waters you can also use a fishnet. This is particularly in the larger waters with mixed stocks during fall, when the char wanders off to spawn. In the winter season, ice fishing is an exiting option. In the areas that have road connections, you will be able to reach ponds in different sizes with good ice fishing.

River Oplø

If you are interested, it is possible to hire the whole Oplø River for a certain period of time.
Salmon fishing in the Oplø RIver takes place between 1st June until 31st October. It is possible to reserve the whole river for either a short or a long period of time, before 1st May

Fjord fishing

The Salen area borders to the Folla fjord and the open sea in the west and northwest. This makes the area well suited for combining salmon fishing and/ or inland fishing with fjord fishing.
Salsbruket is located only 10 minutes with car from the inner parts of Salen. Here we have boats for rental in the sheltered Opløfjord, or you can go out to the open Folla fjord if you are interested. The Opløfjord is a part of the Foldafjord, and it is approximately 10 km long. The inner part f the Opløfjord (ca 4 km) contains many islands and bays. This provides a varied landscape with many options for activities for those who enjoy being out at sea. The many islands in the inner part of the fjord creates a shelter against bad weather from the west, so therefore it is possible to be out at sea in spite of strong wind. The outer part of the fjord opens out to the Foldasea in the west, and from here on it is out to the open sea with great depths. The fjord is ideal for sea fishing. Here you can catch cod, coalfish, mackerel, wolffish, halibut and there are also mussels and crabs.

  • Activities
    • Canoeing
    • Deep-sea fishing
    • Ice fishing
    • Lake fishing
    • Paddling
    • River fishing
    • Salmon fishing
  • Type of animal
    • Fish
    • Mackerel
    • Salmon
    • Trout

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