Fishing in Namsskogan

Fishing in Namsskogan

In Namsskogan you can find a fantastic trout fishing and fish at 1-2 kg is quite common. You can also catch bigger trouts, but then you should of course have a bit more luck.  

The Namsen River flows through the whole municipality and is easily accessible. The river has a great variety ranging from tranquil and quiet floating parties to freely flowing rapids and waterfalls with interesting ponds. The Tunnsjøelva River also has great trout fishingand especially in the lower parts the fish has an amazing quality. 

The Fishing License "Namsskogankortet" gives access to fishing on almost 90% of the municipality's area, that is, over 800 Lakes and 35 rivers. Many good fishing spots is easily accessible. In the mountains there are also many exciting possibilities, and if you get fish here you can get your high life-nature experience!  

If you make the mountain cabins of the Mountain Board your base, you have all the opportunities to get good nature and fishing experiences, whether it is in on the lakes or nearby the river. 

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