Beaver Safari With Canoe - Tundra Tours
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Beaver Safari With Canoe - Tundra Tours

See the mystical beaver up close

We meet at Limingen Gjestegård early morning or late evening. Be sure to bring a packed lunch. The beaver is an nocturnal animal, and sleeps mostly in its hut during the day. So we have to start the tour early in the day (5am) or late evenings (8pm) We will take a drive to Hudningsdalen where we know the Beaver is active with collecting its food and brambles for building it’s hut.

From our cars we will walk down to the water, where our canoes are located. It’s important that we already now stay as quiet as possible, try to making as little or no noise as the beaver is really tuned in to the slightest noise. Beavers don’t trust their eye sights, so sounds and vibrations scares them easily.

There are traces everywhere after the beavers. Keep your eyes open, beavers can appear as suddenly as they disappear. The more quite you are, the better the chances are that you will see the beavers.

We get to camp, settle us self in for the evening. Later that evening, we head out with the canoes to “hunt” for the elusive beaver. After we have spent the evening experiencing the beavers and hopefully a few pictures of them as well. We return to our Beaver Camp and get ourselves tucked in to our sleeping bags for the night in the Lavvo.

Although we can not promise that you will see any beavers, we have yet to be disappointed as they have made an appearance every time we have been there. Remember these are wild animals, so the more quiet you are and with some patience, the more likely you will get the chance to see the them.

Suitable for groups of 2 – 4 people. Tundra Tours also offers moose safari.