Arctic Dome Namdalen
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Arctic Dome Namdalen

Enjoy the silence and tranquility of an arctic dome located close to a historic seating area located in the municipality of Høylandet, north of Trøndelag. Høylandet municipality is along county road 17, and is a perfect place to make a stop if you are driving the E6 or the coastal highway (F17) north or south. Here you rent the entire space, and choose whether to stay as seating rooftops did in the 1950s, or perhaps more comfortably in the nearby seating area.

 It is 1.3 km to walk up to the dome from the parking lot, so we recommend at least two nights to get the full benefits of the place and the surrounding area. We offer a ride up to the dome if desired. 

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Price1,990.00 One night

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